Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Caloric Deficit Diet

Hmm, there's been a lot has happened these past year. Some ups and down, mostly emotional events. But c'est la vie, right?

With age, events and also current work environment, things can be hectic and mostly haywire. To coordinate seems not the task I'm good at. But, nowadays I have opened up to sustainable living, as I think it should be if I want healthier approach to living.

Sustainable seems achievable than healthy living because, I have always been living a hedonistic life (and believe that's the only right way to live) and while I do quit some unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices, I just can't bear to imagine losing grasp in enjoying and actually living a quality lifestyle.

Imagine eating a burger without the cheese or eating carbonara without the cream. Yes. all food here coz I just getting to the point of my approach in more sustainable lifestyle in terms of food.

So, we just go to basic. Watch what you eat and never eat more than you need.

And with food, to watch for is the calories. For sustainable lifestyle, do not take the nutrients for granted. For a more healthier choice, go for higher Glycemic Index (GI) food. But since its quite hard to narrow down on food choices fitting my palate which are high GI, I'll just watch the calories but choose the ones with better nutrients.

1) So now to know my calorie need I checked here using the calculator.

2) And then I check my meals against the calories and nutrients listed here.

For more Malaysian meals, can also check here. That site is also useful to check other foods too, brought to you by

Actually you can learn a lot from the site and do your own research in making your own meal plan. Can see other people's meal plan too for reference.

3) I opt to cook the meals I ate at the office, because i think the most I gained more calories is when I went out during lunch time. So far it saves me a lot of money too.

4) Drink plain water a lot. I drank like triple I usually do. So now I drink all the time. hahaha

Yeah,.. so..

Caloric Deficit is not something new. Old stuff, but I just picked it up recently. And I think it has been great so far. The key here is to make sure the meals u take or cook doesn't exceed your calories you need. I am targeting for 1200 calories a day, means 400 calories a meal.

So far, I eat my meal to be around 350-400 calories, with snack of choice would be apple. I drink a lot of plain water prior to meals, and between meals. If there's rice, I take a small portion, like a teacup/tennis ball of rice. Having said that, portions are relative to food calories (and GI if you know the values), so you can load on plenty of low calorie food if you like the feeling of eating a lot (so I read), but reality is when you drink a lot, you don't feel you want to eat a lot actually.

Hope its a good start like many of my other life choices. All the best and luck for me on this.

This is a feat to me. A challenge. But this is what I want. A balance.

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